Crackle Quartz & Rhodochrosite

Crackle Quartz & Rhodochrosite

Crackle Quartz & Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite the gem of Love, Compassion and Unconditional Love when paired with Clear Quartz it amplifies the vibration making it powerful

Rhodochrosite is a beautiful pink or rose-red gem known as the stone of love and compassion. Promotes unconditional love for others as well as self.
This gem helps heal past wounds creating self worth in oneself as well as in others.
It can be used to find New Love or help to renew an old flame.
Rhodochrosite has a strong connection with the Divine Feminine. If you start to lack connection to spirit just put on Rhodochrosite, this gem will get you back aligned with the Universe.
-Self-love will always be the Best Love.

Crackle crystal quartz is a great amulet for dispelling evil, negative energies.
Just like other clear quartz it amplifies other stones that are paired with it.
Crackle quartz is known as 'holy water' transmuting negative to positive.
Crackle quartz helps one to stay focused in ones emotions and thought processes when focusing on goals and dreams.
Crackle quartz holds more energy but be careful because it is more fragile and easier to break.

Rhodochrosite 6mm beads
Crackle Quartz 8mm
7.5 inches in length 

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