Dragon's Vein Agate

Dragon's Vein Agate

Dragon's Vein Agate

Dragon's Vein Agate length 6 1/2 inches

Bead Size 8mm

Silver Elephant Charm

Dragons Vein Agate brings honesty and truth in ones life. Rather its with a loved one or with oneself. Prevents holding back and to reach for the happiness your soul truly desires. It can assist us in finding whom it is we truly love when it comes to meeting that special soul mate, life partner and twin flame. Helps improve passive communications, solving nervous energies. and stagnation. Dragons Vein Agate looks like scales of a dragon. A stone that carries energies from the mountains to the plains.

This stone stimulates intellect, absorbs knowledge effectively to improve your personal skills. It is also very useful in helping attract people you need to learn lessons of love money, truth, strength and just different experiences needed to grow our souls. If ever in a crisis, Dragons vein agate can help keep turmoil and disasters away. Can even ward off other jealous, negative, unwanted spirits.

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