Lepidolite is a great mood stabilizer, great for anxiety and stress with an added touch of detoxifying energy found in Smokey Quartz.

Smokey Quartz Bead size 10 mm

Lepidolite Bead size 10 mm

Smokey Quartz gently neutralizes negative energies while detoxifying your vessel on all levels. It aids in detoxifying the digestive tract and protecting you against radiation and electromagnetic smog found in technology. Smokey Quartz also disperses any fears you may have and helps lift one out of depression, anxiety and stress. It brings an inner calmness which can prolong your life force. I personally love Smokey Quartz for its grounding and protective aura. It can bring physical protection, psychic protection and protection from any negative energies.

Lepidolite is beneficial by clearing out electromagnetic pollution and can be helpful when placed beside technology to absorb the emanations of radiation. Lepidolite dissipates negativity and assists in activating our chakras. It can activate our throat, heart, third eye and crown chakras. Lepidolite clears blockages and brings cosmic awareness. This is a stone for the shamans and healers who are on a spiritual journey. You can also Lepidolite for business and during economic hardships due to its ability to aid you in overcoming any fears. It will balance your equilibrium which we all can use right now with the many uncertainties we are facing in our world today. It can also assist you with any nerve pain and boost your immune system. Lepidolite is also good for easing allergies, restructuring the DNA, and enhancing the generation of negative ions. It can help you with Alzheimer's, epilepsy and provide relief during times of exhaustion. There are just so many benefits to owning this stone besides its beautiful purple luster.

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