Orthoceras Fossil Pendant

Orthoceras Fossil Pendant

Orthoceras Fossil Pendant

Top hole drilled - great for making pendants , necklace , etc. Top side fossil outline/design will vary from piece to piece.

Orthoceras fossils were among the earliest forms of life and are regarded as one of the most gifted as well as brightest forms of ocean life. Orthoceras thought to possess physical healing powers and are considered to increase the life span of a wearing individual by reducing toxins, stress and anxiety.

Its name is derived from the words meaning “straight horn”, referring to it’s long, conical shell. These creatures (Squids) roamed the seas during the Ordovician Period (485 million - 443 million years ago).

Orthoceras fossils an excellent healing stone spiritually heals the past life setbacks of an individual by helping him to access it and in overcoming fears engendered in the past. Fossils are believed to infuse confidence in the wearer and assists in business success.

Since these are natural each piece will vary from the other in size and shape.

Drilled for pendants with a hole that measure approximately 2-3mm.

Measures approximately 2"-3" long

Picture is example only | Please allow for some natural variation. 

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