Obsidian Arrowhead - 1

Obsidian Arrowhead - 1

Obsidian Arrowhead - 1

Obsidian Arrowhead is said to relieve pain and prevent negative energies from reaching the wearer.

A symbol of self-control and resilience, the Obsidian Arrowhead was used in battles centuries ago to assist in healing. It is said to help relieve the wearer of negative energies and pain. Obsidian is great for your home as well to help block out toxicity in the environment. Simply hold this gem to help ease fear and doubt. It also brings determination while guarding against any form of negativity. Obsidian is also great for creating a space for Feng Shui by simply placing one under your doormat to repel unwanted energies. This also symbolizes the clearing of obstacles in ones path. Obsidian should be cleansed regularly due to it drawing in negative energy.

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